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Comfortable houses from 150m2

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House Design Options
ZEB-house project option

The cost of the project: 2 450 $
Typical home project

The cost of the project: 2 450 $
Порівняльна характеристика проектів
Article, Нouse Рroject:ZEB_1003
Total area of ​​the project:187 m2
Living space іn the project home:162 m2
Number of floors іn the project home:2
Number of bedrooms n the project home:3
Number of bathrooms in the project home:3
Garage availability in the project:---
Height of the project house:8,60 m
Design roof area:225 m2
The angle of the roof of the house:40 *
Recommended plot sizes:19х18 m

Floor plan of the Dniprо

Floor plan of the Dniprо The layout of the house - what you need to know about it.
Any construction essentially begins with the layout of the house. The easiest and most reliable way is to find ready-made basic building planning solutions on the Internet for free, and then make your own corrections as you wish.
Fast, reliable, efficient - no need to invent a bicycle.
Another way is to do it all and draw it yourself - this also holds true for people who are interested in the process of creating a house plan. Advantages - experience, a mood is what to occupy yourself with, MINUSES are a big investment of time and it is unlikely that you can make a better layout at home than professional developers of these solutions.
Therefore, the conclusion is simple - to each his own.
On this page you can quickly browse through many floor plans of houses and find the option that suits you best, and if necessary, make adjustments yourself or with our help

A few words briefly about our company and what we do.
Our design bureau ZEB -ua is located at Dnipro city, 48 Mikhail Grushevsky St., therefore most of our completed projects are located in this city and region. Quite a lot of customers turn to us for a service: the layout of the Dniprо house, because it is clear that almost everyone wants to live in their own, personally planned home. Contact us, we will be happy to help you with the selection of a house planning option that will satisfy you most.

Below is a brief description of the house that you see on this page.
  This layout of the house in the Dnepr is close to square. The appearance of the facade combines several classic European styles. A fancy roof, skylights, bay windows, balconies and a pretty semicircular terrace, as well as classic columns - all this makes the house attractive and elegant. From the hall you can get to the stairs and into the living room, which can play the role of an office. When planning the house in the main room there is a sitting area, as well as a kitchen with a fireplace and a place for a TV. The chimney pipe is designed in such a way that it becomes possible to arrange an external fireplace on the covered terrace. The kitchen has a small but comfortable pantry and dining area. On the second floor, the layout of the house makes it possible to arrange up to three bedrooms with wardrobes and two bathrooms. Two bedrooms have balconies.
This layout of the Dnepr house does not have a garage, but it can be added to this project if necessary.
Such a simple and at that time optimal layout of the house gives a total area of ​​about 187 m2 on two floors, and the roof area is 225 m2 with an inclination angle of 40 °.Of course, the implementation of such a rather large project with such a layout of a house in the Dniprо will take a lot of time and will be expensive, but is it really worth saving on your comfort? The question is rhetorical - at that time, unfortunately, under current economic conditions, it often comes to the fore.
If you need help in developing the layout of the Dnepr house, and the process of implementing the project, then call or call us, we will be happy to advise you.

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