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Ventilation heating California

Zero energy buildings , 16.10.2019г.

          In this article, we would like you to submit a short essay on the topic ventilation heating California. 
          In the architecture, ventilation called air recovery inside the building by pulling or blowing air. The purpose of ventilation heating California:
          The quality of the air in the room.
          The provision of fresh air, control humidity, gas concentration or suspended particles.
          Cooperation in the cooling and heating of the building.
          The fight against smoke in case of fire.
          The reduction in the concentration of gases or particles to levels suitable for the operation of machines or structures.
           Protection of certain areas from pathogens that can enter through the air. This is done by studying the architectural characteristics of the use and needs of each locality. 
           The ventilation itself in the USA is divided into mechanical, natural, mixed and infiltration. 
           Now from ventilation heating California to heating systems.
           General point of view, heating is a method or system by which heat is given to someone or something to maintain or raise its temperature.
           People of ancient times paid great attention to the ventilation and heating California. Since man does not have animal hair or fur we need during the cold periods of nature to warm up. Therefore, for this, at first, people did their clothes and warm by the fire, and then began to invent different systems of heating. 
           During the Industrial revolution begins processing the pairs in driven machines and developed the technique of conduction of liquids through pipes which are heated in boilers of fuel, usually solid, mainly three: wood, peat and coal. 
            In the early 20th century these methods began to be used in heating of buildings with coal boilers, pipes and radiators, using steam as heat transfer. 
           The initial transfer of heat was steam, which then replaced the water. When it happened in termosifoni the pipe system had to be thick enough to facilitate circulation. Moreover, the output should be close to the ceiling, above the emitters and backward along the ground. It was later added to the pump for recirculation, which allowed us to take a more subtle pipe on any route, and the boiler could be in any situation regarding the radiators.
            Subsequently, changed the fuel, first by coal gas and oil replaced coal, subsequently, diesel fuel, and then in the 1960-ies, natural gas. 
            These systems are classified according to the method of fuel combustion. Solid, liquid, electric, and hybrid. Heat distribution can also occur through water, air, or water and air together. 
            What kind of ventilation system heating California is better to choose for your environment will tell you the appropriate professionals. We are open for you.

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