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Energy-efficient home in Dnipro city — this

Zero energy buildings , 27.05.2019г.

              In this article, I am going to try to prove you that an energy-efficient house in Dnepr is really a necessity.  The measures I am going to tell you, not cheap, but these financial investments will allow you to save in the long-term.
              So, an energy-efficient house in Dnipro city is tight.
 1. Insulate the attic. A quarter of the heat is lost through the roof, so the proper insulation will make your home warmer and reduce your heating bills.
 2. Insulate the sub-floor space and the space between the floor and the baseboard.
 3. Insulate pipes of hot water and cavities of walls.
 4. Install the door and double or even triple-glazed windows.
              If you can not insulate your walls, ordinary books are the perfect insulator and sound insulator!  Install bookcases under the walls. This may sound odd, but some residents in Ukraine use this method.
              Energy-efficient house in Dnipro city is a renewable energy source.
 1. Install the solar panels.
 2. Install the windmills.
              Energy-efficient house in Dnepr is a variety of high-tech devices and appliances.
 1. Replace the energy-consuming old devices.
 2. Buy electrical appliances, at least with a rate A .
              Energy efficient house in Dnepr is energy efficient heating.
 1. If you connect to yourself a new heating system, carefully compare the cost of all options. Since your house can receive gas from the network, and it is usually cheaper than the electricity grid.
 2. When installing a new boiler, make sure it is as close as possible to the kitchen and bathroom so that water does not pass through dozens of meters of pipelines, losing heat in its path.
              As for energy efficient heating in the house, I'll tell you more in details in the next article, because this topic needs careful explanation.
              I hope that I have proved you that an energy-efficient house in Dnipro city is a really top priority for you and your family.

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