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Simple and effective energy conservation ways in Dnepr

Zero energy buildings , 24.05.2019г.

               In this article I am going to continue the topic of energy conservation in Dnepr, which I mentioned in the previous article. There are a lot of energy conservation measures in Dnipro city.  Now I will tell you about some of the simplest measures of energy conservation in Dnepr.
               Simple and effective measures to save energy in Dnipro city, which are used in the building:
 1) Wipe dust from radiators, light bulbs, refrigerators and, in general, all technological devices.
 2) Clean your stove and exhaust filters.
 3) Make sure there is no warm, flowing air or cold air coming through the gaps between your doors and windows.
 4) Keep the refrigerator door closed, open only when necessary and close as soon as possible.
 5) When cooking on the surface of the kitchen stove, make sure that the pan has the same size as the heating element, then more heat can reach the pan and less will be lost.
 6) If you heat up the food in the oven, do not open the door to check how things are in your food, because you release heat every time.
 7) If you spend most of your time in a single room, then it might make sense to use a portable heater in this room and not include heating for the whole house.
 8) Set light regulators.
               Simple and effective measures to save energy in Dnipro, which are connected with water:
 1) Do not leave the faucet working while cleaning your teeth, shaving or washing your face.  An open taps spend more than six liters of water per minute.
 2) All taps must be repaired and in good condition. A dripping tap may spend more than 5500 liters of water per year.
 3) Use a bowl for washing or light rinsing, instead of a constant flow of water from the tap.  Thus, you can reduce even up to 1000 UAH per year from your water bill.
 4) Do not overflow the kettle;  just boil precisely the amount you need.  Savings up to 200 UAH per year.
 5) If possible, use a cold wash cycle in the washing machine.
 6) If possible, use a smaller detergent so the clothes do not require much rinse.
                Also, simple energy saving measures that are commonly used in Ukraine include:
                Do not leave the electrical appliances in standby mode, turn off the lights when you are not in the room, invest in energy-saving appliances, and switch off the chargers when not in use.  Today it's all. Next article is coming up soon.Stay tuned.

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