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Energy-saving buildings with zero energy consumption in Ukraine and in the world, their advantages over traditional buildings.

What are energy-saving buildings with zero energy consumption?
How to inspire people to order a project and build an autonomous, energy-saving home with zero energy consumption in Ukraine?

For the customer to have the opportunity to design a non-volatile house in Ukraine as part of the price increase of energy carriers is more important than ever. When building such a home for themselves, people usually encounter thoughts about its cost, technical equipment and opinion on the environment, or three in one.
Let's consider four strategies, or we can name four approaches that may be useful for making the right decision about which house to build - a simple or energy-efficient home.
When you consider this issue, it is important not to be confused with such terms as green house, ecological house, warm house, economical home. This confusion can be applied to the term non-energy-dependent home or home with zero energy consumption. Therefore, it is important to understand the differences in these terms, and get acquainted with the advantage of this area in construction, you can see information here (link to ZEB to Wikipedia in Russian)
The following are the benefits of energy-saving buildings with zero energy compared to traditional buildings such as amenities and aesthetics:
Energy-efficient buildings with zero energy consumption have longer lifetimes, work better than traditionally planned homes and do not require payment for heating, conditioning and electricity.
Проектування енергонезалежних та енергозберігаючих будинків "під ключ"

º Великий досвід робіт та кількість реалізованих об'єктів

º Оптимальні терміни проектування 35-45 робочих днів

º Вартість 10-25$/м2 в залежностівід площі проектування

º Розробляємо енергозберігаючі системи опалення та кондиціювання на базі теплових насосів

º Проектуємо для всих регіонів України

До складу проекту входять необхідні розділи для будівництва: архітектура, фундаменти, несучі конструкції, покрівля,енергозберігаючі системи опалення, вентиляції, гарячого водопостачання, кондиціювання, сонячна електростанція

1. Non energy dependent homes with zero energy consumption and their inhabitants "live better"
You can even formulate the phrase of this type of house "live better" due to the correct design. This means that we design wall systems, windows, heating, ventilation and air conditioning in an energy-independent home with zero energy consumption, where the result is a level of comfort that is above the head of the house. Also, houses with zero energy consumption "live better" due to the excellent air quality inside and humidity control, which in turn gives the inhabitants a favorable internal environment, and most importantly keep their owners healthy.
2. Energy-efficient buildings with zero energy consumption "work better"
It should be understood that zero energy houses have ergonomic advanced planning, design and technology, and they have proven themselves and "work better" than houses that are traditionally built. This applies both to high efficiency in energy conservation and other productive benefits such as quiet and calm home furnishings (thanks to sealed double walls and triple double glazing) and the ease of cleaning the house thanks to the airtight structure and air filtration systems.
3. Houses with zero energy consumption have the term "life is better." It is not difficult for each of us to assume that energy-efficient buildings have a "life span" better because of the quality of design, construction and system performance, which in turn gives us a more durable and long-lasting home. . In addition, thorough ventilation removes moisture, which can be one of the greatest threats to the life expectancy and integrity of the house.

Imagine your future home in Ukraine ...
Imagine your energy-independent home without utility bills, knowing that an average low-income family can spend 20% or more of its energy earnings. This is a home where the health of its inhabitants is well protected by purified air with full oxygen saturation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Advanced construction methods provide no worries about its reliability and fast repair. A house that protects every family's investment in the future when faced and exceeds future building standards and fulfills expectations.
The truth is that you do not have to only imagine this house. ZEB-ua (zero-energy building Ukraine) allows you to build your own energy-efficient building in Dnipro, Kiev and Ukraine with zero consumption, having got all these great advantages today.
Our implemented projects

Myths about energy-efficient and zero energy home

All the myths about the sky-high cost, impracticality, uselessness nonvolatile homes are born for one simple reason - lack of qualification of builders, designers and other people spreading this information.


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